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Welcome to Klayman & Company

At Klayman & Company it is more than just numbers. More than in-depth accounting. This is probably best expressed in terms of the time we take to truly understand your business. The time to understand your needs. The time to save you tax dollars. The time to help you plan your priorities for success.

Our Mission

While some accounting firms can seem indifferent, our clients appreciate the personal and pro-active approach of our team. Your business relationship with our firm is approached in the spirit of a true partnership and we try to align ourselves with your entrepreneurial vision. As a result, we tailor your needs for financial success.So whether you’re planning a new business or selling an old one; forming a partnership or incorporating; just breaking even or deep in the red – whatever your present situation or future goals, Klayman & Company can help. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us. We would be happy to arrange a no-obligation, no-cost meeting to introduce ourselves and explore your particular needs:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate taxation both Canadian and US
  • Personal taxation both Canadian and US
  • Accounting and audit services
  • Forensic and litigation support
  • Valuations
  • Cross Border transactions


  • Klayman & Company, CA has been a very professional experience to deal with. They have shown a concerned interest in all aspects of my business and personal matters. They have focused on building a strong partnership with me and a long term relationship as well.Ron and Rick and his team are always there to answer any question. I have been with them for a number of years. Business is tough enough and when Klayman and Company are in your corner…life is much easier. - moe gee

  • I have enjoyed the benefit of tax advice that provides excellent value for the professional services provide by Klayman and Co. The firm has been managing my accounting affairs in multiple entities for over 30 years years. I do recommend the firm often. - Jerry Weiner

  • We have obtained consultation and services from Mr Klayman countless times. The advice and direction always provided the most favourable results. His team is available and experienced and it shows - Pilot Wachtel

  • Klayman & Co. is a full-service accounting firm. Very thorough in settling of estate business and offers straight-up financial advice from a personal level to business level and well into retirement years. I would definitely recommend them without any hesitation! - Carol Klayman-Basman

  • Mr. Klayman and his firm were instrumental in the structural inception of Link Asset Management. Further, his continued guidance, accounting and tax planning strategies were essential to the continued success we are now enjoying. If you too have a small business that has or is quickly growing into a large business, you would be doing yourself and your employees a great service by retaining his firm’s incomparable depth of experience and talent

  • Klayman & Company have been providing my business with the best tax and accounting advise for years. Any issues from CRA of any of the government agencies has been dealt with on the most professional manner, taking the stress and worry away from me and my company. We greatly appreciate the level of profesionalism that they deliver on a consistent basis. Great value and amazing advice! Thanks

  • Klayman & Company were terrific in dealing with my CRA audit. They took the stress and worry out of the equation with results which I could never have imagined. Thanks again.

By Klayman & Company 21 Mar, 2017

Our need for passwords to access everything in our life has become pervasive. Every agency, every computer, every credit card, every smartphone requires an exponential explosion of letters, numbers, and symbols to secure all information from hackers, whether it is personal data or corporate information.

To complicate matters, it is no longer permissible (or advisable) on many sites to use a simple password that is easy to remember, such as a word or name. Instead you must create a password with numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters, and a minimum length.

One study suggests the average individual has at least 25 Internet-accessible accounts with passwords, while other sources suggest that number could be substantially higher. Is it any wonder that most individuals will, whenever possible, assign the same password to as many accounts as they can? Hackers know this and once they compromise one account, it often doesn’t take long to gain access to your other accounts.

Use Different Passwords

The best means of protecting your personal information is to use a different, unguessable password for every account. Most password management software includes the ability to generate passwords, and then store them for you. The beauty of using a password manager is that you only have to remember one password to access all of the passwords you need to remember.

High-end password managers support multiple languages and are able to tie in passwords with hundreds of websites. Two-factor authentication is usually required (and should be!) to protect data in the event someone finds your password and logs in on your device or tries to log in on a new device that is not registered.

Set Up

Setting up a password management app generally requires you to download and install the software and add browser extensions for each browser you use. If you use multiple devices, you will need to load the app on each one. To set up an account, you will use your email address and will need to come up with a master password or passphrase (i.e., one long, hard-to-guess password to rule them all).

One primary password gives you access to all your passwords.

After creating the master password comes the arduous task of entering data about the various accounts or sites you need to access.

Some password managers will import your user names, auto fill standard information, and pull passwords from your existing browsers, although, if you haven’t saved the passwords in the browser, the data will have to be entered manually. The password manager will typically assess the strength of your current password, and prompt you to generate a new, stronger password (typically at least 16 characters) for that site. Experts also suggest that you revisit your security questions and determine whether you want to change them as an added security measure.

Don’t Forget Your Master Password

Unlike a typical website with a “forgot password?” feature, the master password is often not recoverable in that way. There are very few password manager systems that provide a “hint” to enable you to try to rebuild your password. For most, you will have to start all over and rebuild the passwords for every site and every account keystroke by keystroke. Commit your master password to memory; do not click “remember my password” for your master password; typing it often will help you to remember it.

Cost Factor

Most of the providers of password manager software provide free trial subscriptions; several offer a limited version of their software for free, with the ability to upgrade for additional features and support for an annual fee. Freebie options aside, password manager services typically range in price from $20 to $60 annually.

In Case of Emergency …

If a person is incapacitated or dead it will be impossible for someone else to access the accounts. It is important to ensure that the software used provides the ability to set up an emergency contact to inherit your passwords. Some providers allow you to set a waiting period before a trusted individual can access the codes so that the accounts cannot be accessed while you are alive. If someone tries to access your accounts, you will be notified by email. Other providers allow you to designate specific accounts, such as the business account, that can be accessed by specific people, such as your business partner, or to designate personal accounts to a trusted relative or friend.

Large Benefit for Small Cost

Strong passwords are a necessity for everyone, and we all tend to use passwords that are easy to crack; this makes us easy targets for nefarious people looking to steal our information, money or identities. Using a password manager is an inexpensive way of ensuring access to the ever-growing number of sites we must access in our interconnected world while making it difficult for anyone else to gain access to our personal and financial information.

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